Chess Press / Back Row


Heavy-gauge steel construction of the mainframe provides safety and stability for the operator. The biomechanical movement arm can switch between chest press and back row in a comfortable sitting position. And the high-density padding with a single pop-pin adjustment accommodates a broad range of user sizes with a cozy feeling. The innovative design combines chest press with seated row workouts in one machine.

01. MainframeN/A

02. Frame FinishTwo-coat powder process, electrostatically applied powder coat  finish, Black Exterior  / Crimson Red Texture

03. Instructional PlacardIncluded

04. Upholstery2” Rebonded Scrap Foam with CGPC PVC cold latex leather and durable double stitched upholstery

05. HandgripsDipped PVC Handle

06. Driving SystemCable

07. Cables7 × 19 Carbon steel, tensile strength of more than 2090 lbs. (950 kg)

08. Shroud1T delicate steel safety cover

09. Weight StackOne piece steel weight plates for antirust, lower noise and durable operation

10. Standard Weight Stack210 lbs. / 95 kg ( SP-10 / SP10A-10 lbs. × 20 pcs + 10 lbs. top plate )

11. Dimensions160 × 104 × 207 cm / 63" × 41" × 82"

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