Functional Training System 360

The Functional training system 360 offers incomparable flexibility to match the needs of any and all facilities. 

With 39 different accessories, this training extended power rack package can be diversified, customized to your exact needs. 

Rack Extended?are durable and safe frames for weightlifting.

Rack is used for all kinds of exercises both with the weightlifting bar or using pull-up bar and is made of high grade materials.

Mainframe: 11 Heavy Gauge O1.5" (O38.1×3T) Round tubing

11 Heavy Gauge □3.937" (□100×3T) Square tubing

Frame Finish: One-coat powder process, electrostatically applied powder coat finish, black vertical lines

Dimensions(L×W×H)(Mainframe): 278 × 152 × 267 cm / 110" × 60" × 105"

Dimensions(L×W×H)(With Package): 361 × 225 × 329 cm / 142" × 89" × 129.5"

Instruction Video-FWB1

Instruction Video-FWB1-2

 Instruction Video-FWH1

Instruction Video-FWH2

Instruction Video-FWH2-2

Instruction Video-FPU1+FCA1

Instruction Video-FPU2

Instruction Video-FPU3

Instruction Video-FRP1-50

Instruction Video-FCO1

Instruction Video-FCO2

Instruction Video-FRO1

Instruction Video-FRO2

Instruction Video-FIB1