There is no “best” time or “worst” time to buy

Fitnex and Steelflex are committed to producing premium equipment to convey a sense of innovation to every customer with available prices. And there are some cardio machines as follows, which are worth recommending for you.

There is no “best” time or “worst” time to buy.
No matter which way the real market is leaning, buying now and get a best rewards on discount before Price go up.

▶Say goodbye to joint strain and hello to a low impact, high-intensity workout. The Fitnex X50 provides a smooth and fluid motion that minimizes stress on your joints, allowing you to push your limits without the fear of discomfort or injury.

B55SG  R55SG
▶Get fit and stay fit with our affordable, light commercial grade B55SG & R55SG exercise bike. Perfect for improving your cardiovascular health, strengthening your legs, and provides ideal training for cyclers during inclement weather.

▶A self generating elliptical perfect for apartments, hotels, gyms and more, the Fitnex E55SG Elliptical Trainer features a space-saving design that offers powerful cardiovascular and strength building exercises without taking up too much space!

▶The indoor cycling studio is often the most stylish and dynamic section of a facility. With its pumping music, motivating Instructors and adjustable difficulty, X Series Cycling Bike has proven to be a particularly effective way to get people of all abilities hooked on exercise.

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