Abdominal Crunch


To build the force of core muscles and target training the rectus abdominis, it’s crucial for performing a crunch movement. The overhead handle with adjustable swivel foot pads offers full abdominal contractions with fluid feelings and creates a fantastic workout experience. A linkage design allows working out muscles of the abdominal and pelvic simultaneously. Side stability horns can customize to increase or decrease workout loads, allowing exercisers to achieve their fitness goal. The adjustment provides for sideward moving that enhances the workout result of the abdomen.

01. Mainframe : N/A

02. Frame Finish:Two-coat powder process, electrostatically applied powder coat finish, Black Exterior / Crimson Red Texture

03. Upholstery:2” Rebonded Scrap Foam + 10 mm high density foam with CGPC PVC cold latex leather and durable double stitched upholstery

04. Handgrips:Dipped PVC Handle

05. Welding:Continuous welds at all pivot points.

06. Bearings:Commercial rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points.

07. Max. User Weight:264 lbs. / 120 kg

08. Dimensions:106 × 103 × 157 cm / 42" × 40" × 62"