Leg Curl

  • The HOPE series focus on “modeling innovation and zero-load work”.
  • The cable driving concept, unique creation of 360 degree rotary design help user to adjust position naturally and smoothly without any extra returned force. 
  • The curved shield is made of metal material and utilizing LASER cutting technology, shows the sense of beauty and perfect combine with Power and Beauty.
  • Convenient storage slot for music player or personal items.
  • Water bottle holder within easy reach to keep users well hydrated.

1.Mainframe11 Heavy Gauge 1.968" × 3.937" (50 × 100 × 3T) Low Carbon Steel Oval Tubing.

2.Frame Finish : Two-coat powder process, electrostatically applied powder coat finish, gray silver

3.Instructional PlacardIncluded

4.Upholstery2” Rebonded Scrap Foam with CGPC PVC cold latex leather and durable double stitched upholstery

5.HandgripsDipped PVC Handle

6.Driving SystemCable

7.Cables7 × 19 Carbon steel, tensile strength of more than 2090 lbs. (950 kg)

8.Shroud1T delicate carbon steel safety cover

9.Weight StackLow carbon steel weight plates for antirust, lower noise and durable operation.

10.Standard Weight Stack210 lbs. / 95 kg ( SSP-10 lbs. × 20 pcs + 10 lbs. top plate ) 

11.Dimensions:151 × 123 × 138 cm / 59'' × 49'' × 54''

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