Preacher Curl Bench


  • When it comes to isolating the biceps for maximum concentration and development, nothing beats the Preacher Curl! 
  • Preacher curls are essential for building overall biceps mass including the often difficult lower biceps. 
  • Our preacher curl bench is set to a perfect 30° angle, positioning the upper arm for maximum stretch and full range-of-motion while eliminating stress on your elbows and lower back. Weight plates, bar and collars optional.

01. Mainframe: 12 Heavy Gauge 50 × 100 × 2.5T Oval Tubing

02. Frame Finish: Two-coat powder process, electrostatically applied powder coat finish, metallic silver

03. Upholstery: 2" Rebonded Scrap Foam + 15mm High Resilience Foam with CGPC PVC cold latex and durable double sitiched upholstery

04. Handgrips: Dipped PVC Handle

05. Welding: Continuous welds at all joints.

06. Bearings: Commercial rated, sealed bearings at all pivot points

07. Max User Weight: 264 lbs. / 120 kg

08. Dimensions: 116 × 81 × 97 cm / 45" × 32" × 38"