Seated Row


The unilateral movement arm enables to work out the upper limb and lower lats simultaneously or independently. During the training, an angled foot platform with padding adjustment helps exercisers to maintain a proper posture. Machine MRM1700 features a belt-driven design for a better, smoother, and more natural motion performance. The no-blind-spot design of handgrips provides full engagement when working the pull and push movement.

01. Mainframe:N/A

02. Frame Finish:Two coat power process, eletrostatically applied powder coat finish, gray silver

03. Instructional Placard:Included

04. Upholstery:2" Rebonded Scrap Foam + 15mm High Resilience Foam with CGPC PVC cold latex and durable double sitiched upholstery

05. Handgrips:Dipped PVC Handle

06. Driving System:Flat belt0

07. Flat Belt:Tensile strength of more than 5027 lbs. (2280 kg)

08. Shroud:4T acrylic delicate safety cover

09. Weight Stack:High-quality weight plates for smooth and durable operation (noise reduction-absorbing cushions included)

10. Standard Weight Stack:215 lbs. / 97.5 kg ( SWS-10 lbs. × 20 pcs + 15 lbs. top plate)

11. Optional Weight:315 lbs. (143 kg) /  415 lbs. (189 kg)

12. Max User Weight:264 lbs. / 120 kg

13. Dimensions:170 × 109 × 167 cm / 67" × 43" × 66"

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